Shanoir (Sharing NeurOImaging Resources) is an open source neuroinformatics platform designed to share, archive, search and visualize neuroimaging data. It provides a user-friendly secure web access and offers an intuitive workflow to facilitate the collecting and retrieving of neuroimaging data from multiple sources and a wizard to make the completion of metadata easy. Shanoir comes along many features such as anonymization of data, support for multi-centres clinical studies on subjects or group of subjects.

Shanoir offers an ontology-based data organization (OntoNeuroLOG). Among other things, this facilitates the reuse of data and metadata, the integration of processed data and provides traceability trough an evolutionary approach.

Shanoir allows researchers, clinicians, phD students and engineers to undertake quality research projects with an emphasis on remote collaboration. As a secure J2EE web application, it therefore allows you to safely storing and archiving, with no more requirements than a computer with an internet connection!

Furthermore, Shanoir is not only a web application: it is also a complete neuroinformatics platform in which you can easily integrate your existing processing tools or develop your own ones: see ShanoirTk.

Shanoir is a project carried out by the VisAGeS Team, based at IRISA (INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique Research Centre). This software is released under QPL 1.0 license.

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