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Shanoir (SHAring NeurOImaging Resources) is released under the QPL license QPL 1.0.

Shanoir is an academic plateform and his download is not available right now because we would like to help and follow every one with their installation, configuration and utilisation of Shanoir, but currently we don't have enough staff. We are working to provide a backup solution that will be announced soon. Please revisit this page for further update.

Meanwhile, If you want have a look on Shanoir and try it, you can go on our demo-plateform :
And connect with one of the following id/password : user/user, expert/expert.
Warning : the database from shanoir-demo is reinitialized every night.

Thank you for your interest in our Shanoir project. If it matters to you, please contact us.


The ShanoirTk toolbox is released under the CeCILL-C license (compatible with the GNU LGPL license).

Please go to the ShanoirTk section for further information about Shanoir Tool Kit.


The Shanoir ws-api used to reach the web services exposed on a Shanoir server. This is already included in but we provide here the source code.

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