Purpose of the PACS server within a Shanoir System

Details about the PACS

First of all, what is a PACS ?

Purpose of a couple Shanoir / PACS

The PACS in the project has before everything an DICOM original-data backup purpose. The data can stem from either a network (SCP) or CD import.

The chosen one ...

We chose the dcm4chee PACS. In the ligth of this document, dcm4chee appears to be the most-thought-out and the best fit for our needs. The reader will notice that dmc4chee is not fully a PACS because, to be so, it has to be coupled with a visualization tool such as Osirix or K-PACS. Alone, dcm4chee is rather regarded as DICOM archive manager.

Dcm4chee should not be confused with dcm4che2 which is an implementation of the DICOM standard.

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