Demo Guidelines

This page presents the guidelines about the Shanoir platform on-line demonstration.

User Accounts

Shanoir is a secured web application and requires a user account to login. The administrator of the application is in charge of creating user accounts. Each users has a defined role which can be :

  • Guest
  • User
  • Expert
  • Admin

Depending on its role, a user will have different restrictions / authorisations. For instance, a guest can only visualize the data, not modify it. An expert is allowed to create and be responsible of a Research Study. Only a medical could receive by email nominative information about the patient whose images are being imported into the system.

The following accounts (username / password) are available for the Shanoir demonstration :

  • guest / guest
  • user / user
  • expert / expert

Feel free to use one of these accounts to get familiar with Shanoir.

Demo Sample Data

In order to illustrate the management of the data by Shanoir, we provide a data set sample of one Research Study on Multiple Sclerosis. This Study has 17 subjects. Each of them had an Mr Examination according to a given protocol which resulted in Datasets (images + meta-data), and a Neuro Clinical Examination where they were assessed with the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS).

This data set sample is restored nightly.

Study-related User Rights

The responsible of a each hosted Research Study can grant one of the following specific rights to another user :

  • Cannot see or download datasets
  • Can see and download datasets
  • Can see, download and import datasets
  • Can see, download, import datasets and modify the study parameters
  • Is responsible for the research study

Additionally, a Research Study has default access definition :

  • Visible by default
  • Downloadable by default

If a user has no specific rights for a Research Study, the default rights are applied for this study.

Regarding the shanoir demo environment:

  • the Research Study “Multiple sclerosis - lesion segmentation” is Visible by default and NOT Downloadable by default.
  • the user “expert” is “Responsible for the research study” “Multiple sclerosis - lesion segmentation”
  • No specific rights have been granted to the users “user” and “guest”

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